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homemade tattoo gun motor

Homemade tattoo gun

Jan 03, 2015 • BY

Buying a tattoo gun can be so expensive sometime. Rather than buying it, why don’t you try to make a homemade tattoo gun? To make your own homemade tattoo gun, you don’t need a...

glitter tattoo kit wholesale

Glitter tattoo kits

Jan 03, 2015 • BY

The body art, tattoo that we know today was actually never as extravagant as today. The real purposes of tattoo were not limited to esthetic, but also to show social position, trib...

best tattoo starter kit reviews

Tattoo starter kits

Jan 03, 2015 • BY

Tattoo, a visual art using human body as the canvas. Who doesn’t know this exotic art? In some parts of the world it is considered as the greatest act of worship, to show someone...

a n d ointment for tattoos

Tattoo ointment

Jan 03, 2015 • BY

As one of the most extreme and painful art, tattoo’s popularity is never ceased to downfall. Every year the numbers of fans of this body art keep increasing. Now, if we refer bac...