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celebrity wrist tattoo bracelet

Celebrity Wrist Tattoos

Oct 19, 2014 • BY

Celebrities are our source of trends. Some popular trends come from famous celebrities. Who knows that unique bra worn by Madonna can be a popular fashion item? It is also happen w...

Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Karma Symbol Tattoo

Sep 30, 2014 • BY

There are different designs of tattoo out there. Which one that you like? Is it a tattoo based on your favorite quote? Is it a tattoo of your favorite movie star? Or, is it possibl...

angel wings tattoo designs arm

Angel Wings Tattoo

Sep 30, 2014 • BY

What makes a tattoo special? Of course, you have your own reason for making tattoos on your body. It is for sure that you want to celebrate something special and unforgettable mome...

foot tattoo designs

Wrist Foot Tattoos

Sep 30, 2014 • BY

Making a tattoo is a serious matter. You know that it lasts forever. In addition, removing tattoo is not easy. The process is painful and it needs a lot of money to erase the ink f...

amy winehouse tattoos australia

Amy Winehouse tattoos

Sep 23, 2014 • BY

Ladies, do not afraid to have tattoos on your body. Lately, there are many women who make tattoos and proud of it, for instance Amy Winehouse tattoos. There are various designs of ...