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clown tattoo designs black white

Clown Tattoo Designs

Nov 13, 2014 • BY

The clown is related with fun, circus, and also kid’s birthday party. It is kind of stereotype that cannot be separated with the clown. We might find some pictures of clown in t-...

cartoon tattoo artist

Tattoo Artists Ideas

Nov 13, 2014 • BY

What is the hardest thing in making tattoo? Is it about the price of tattoo? Is it about the design? Is it about the tattoo artist? Well, so many things might happen. It depends on...

candy skull tattoo meaning

Skull Tattoos

Nov 13, 2014 • BY

There is no boundary in the name of art. You can use your imagination to get the best result. This situation also happens when you want to make tattoos. You can choose unique desig...

breast cancer ribbon tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

Nov 13, 2014 • BY

What kind of tattoo do you want? When you want feminine design, it is suggested to make Ribbon tattoo. Why ribbon? Well, it is for sure that you know the impression you get from a ...

mexican candy skull tattoo

Mexican Skull Tattoos

Nov 13, 2014 • BY

What makes skulls interesting? As we know, skull is the symbol of death. Moreover, it is also the symbol of mystery. Sometimes, you will find frightening design of skull tattoos. I...

aztec mexican tattoos

Mexican Tattoos

Nov 13, 2014 • BY

It is true that there are various types of tattoo. Yes, you will see the differences from one tattoo to another. As a tattoo lover, it is a must for you to know different designs o...

chicano art tattoo patterns

Chicano Tattoo Art

Nov 04, 2014 • BY

There are many different types of tattoo. You might think that tattoo does not have history. It is wrong. You will be amazed with the story behind the ink and tattoo. Have you ever...

archangel michael tattoo designs back

Archangel Tattoo Designs

Nov 04, 2014 • BY

For some people, tattoo is not only an item to enhance their appearance. Tattoo is a way of thinking and it also shows their religious side. No wonder, there are a lot of people th...