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tattooed body idea for men tatto

Tattooed Body

Sep 18, 2014 • BY

Tattooed Body is one of the tattoo ideas listed in the Tattoo Ideas for Men category....

curtis chest shark Tattoo

Shark Tattoo Designs and Manly Image

Sep 17, 2014 • BY

There are so many reasons to make a tattoo. Some people make tattoo for fashion. They love being the center of attention because of their tattoos. Meanwhile, the others create tatt...

collar bone tattoo pain

Collar bone tattoo

Aug 23, 2014 • BY

Collar bone tattoo are becoming more and more popular you must have thought about the purchase of these stays by now. However, before you purchase the collar bones, you need to kno...

diabetic medical alert tattoos


Aug 01, 2014 • BY

Tattoos are becoming very popular with the trends today. The motivations that push people to get tattooed are very many and different. They range from ornamentation, self – ident...